School & Leisure History

In the 1950's Wynberg Drapery opened their first store and began trading. An additional store in Tokai retailing school uniforms was opened during this period. The store was called Pages and Perms.
The 2 stores were consolidated and were renamed to “School & Leisure”. The store was situated in Wynberg on the Main Road.
Due to numerous requests from schools for a stockist in the Newlands area, School & Leisure opened their 2nd store in Newlands.
On the 3rd of March 2000, School & Leisure and Sportsmans Warehouse entered into an agreement to open a 3rd store inside Sportsmans Warehouse Tygervalley. This was the 1st store situated inside Sportsmans Warehouse. This growth experienced was due to an increase in schools in the northern suburbs area.
In December 2006 School & Leisure expanded to Gauteng, opening its 2nd schoolshop inside Sportsmans Warehouse in Blackheath.
By December 2007, School & Leisure was stocking uniforms for over 50 schools in the Southern Suburbs area, with the Tygervalley store catering to over 28 schools and the Blackheath Store catering to over 17 schools.
By 1 April 2008, School & Leisure had doubled its market share, stocking uniforms in its 4 stores for over 100 schools in South Africa.
The School & Leisure Blackheath store experienced exponential growth and by 2009 was stocking uniforms for over 30 Schools in the Gauteng region.

School & Leisure launched the "Be Responsible" campaign which assist various charity organisations (predominantly charities dealing with underprivileged and handicapped children); as well as providing bursaries for underprivileged children at schools. For every Envoy grey trouser and iron on label set purchased R5.00 is donated to the "Be Responsible" campaign.
We have donated over R80,000.00 to date towards the "Be Responsible" campaign.
School & Leisure opens school shop in Boksburg in September 2011.
The new Tygervalley concept store - our largest store to date at 680sq - opens in Willowbridge North.
1 Feb 2014
School & Leisure Cresta opens new concept store at Heathway centre stocking over 35 schools.
12 Dec 2014
School & Leisure goes online with 14 schools.
School & Leisure opens Parkview store in Pretoria east.
School & Leisure opens Lonehill store.
School & Leisure opens Kempton Park store.