Sizing Help

School & Leisure supports Proudly South African Manufacturers.
The qualifying criteria for Proudly South African membership is:

At least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in South Africa and there must be “substantial transformation” of any imported materials.

Tip 1

We have selected your school as we know that Customers who have already purchased uniforms from our store know our sizing better and will be able to accurately select the right size if their child has outgrown their current size or need a replacement garment for whatever reason.

Our sizing is very accurate as we seldom change suppliers to ensure consistency in sizing so you can place order with confidence knowing there will be no size variation on any products from year to year.

Tip 2

In most cases we encourage you to take one size larger to ensure your child has room for growth and you don't end up buying a new garment every few months.

At the same time we want you child to look smart in our uniforms so please don't buy the product too big so your child is drowning in their uniform.

Tip 3

We recommend that first time buyers visit our store for their child's initial uniform purchases and then buy online next time once they know our sizing better as every retailer uses different suppliers and sizing will vary.

Help Desk - How Can We Assist With Sizing

Our highly experienced staff have been fitting out students with uniforms at our stores for many years and will be able to provide useful tips on what size to buy for your child. Please phone our store carrying your uniform for assistance between:
MON-FRI: 8.30am -5.30pm
SAT: 8.30 am-3.45pm
SUN: 9am-1pm and ask for “online help".

What to do if you order the incorrect size?

Our store carrying your uniform is hopefully not too far away and you are welcome to return the product to our store to exchange it for another size provided the product has not been worn and you follow our return policy.

Should you be unable to get to our store you can return it with any courier of your choice. We recommend using Cloud Logistics for fast and reliable service and affordable courier costs. 

Please call us if we can assist you in any way and thanks for shopping with us!